Its only a week after the end of semester exams have kick started at Great Zimbabwe University. The situation is characterized by a lot of commotion because we did not prepare well. Well we were fooling around doing all sorts dirty tricks,now the exams are demanding attention. You cant defy that one ? Can you?

LOGIC: preparing is tantamount in every situation ,so if we did not prepare well then we are doomed to failure


A little more sleep a little more slumber then…

Many a times l was one those stupid bastards.

Who lived a life of hawk roasting but with nothing l could do except…

Wanting to see food on the table and many a times l was really jealous

Why could l not be jealous when l had nothing to show except of bragging of myself?

Bragging of myself as one of the greatest bed lovers and an arm folder too.

I am ashamed and also sorry  to say ; what l have to say, but l have to spat it out.

A daydreamer you should have best called me because one day l thought….

Wake up with some money in my hands; But how?

To that one an answer was not forthcoming!

Oh, shame on me.


Fortunately in the Book I came across a written text.

A little more sleep, a slumber, a little more folding of the arms then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit.

Since then l am glad that l have transformed completely

The text has become my heart-mate.

Knowledge is power, power is knowledge they say.

That is why l like reading;

Don′t you like reading also and discover the truths of life.

Reading and understanding can loosen the shackles of poverty.

l am your confession.


Believe you me; be a reader today, tomorrow you will be hawk roasting